How To Find A Water Leak

How To Find A Water Leak

How To Find A Water Leak

How To Find A Water Leak

How To Find A Water Leak
How To Find A Water Leak

How To Find A Water Leak…

Unlike the image above, when you suspect you have a water leak, you can find yourself looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. Where do we start, how do we do this, this could cost a lot of money, are we insured for this? All of these are regular questions.

The first thing to do is to analyse the problem, ask yourself basic questions such as; is this an external supply pipe leak, is this a central heating leak, is this an intermittent leak, is it weather related, is this water leaking from my property or my neighbours property. When you have some answers ask yourself if its possible to isolate various parts of your pipework? If you can isolate sections of pipework you can quickly start to narrow the area under investigation. If the water leak is intermittent in nature then you could suspect a waste pipe leak as these pipes aren’t under constant pressure. Stop using bathrooms or kitchens for a few days and see if this has a bearing on the severity of the problem, it may stop completely. When you have these answers you are in a better position to logically think through the next steps.

Still Can’t Find The Leak?

If you have exhausted all your powers of deduction and still can’t track down that annoying water leak then its probably time to call in the experts. Water Loss Solutions are expert at finding water leaks, saying that is easy, finding the darn leaks is a bit trickier. Yes, we have all the technical trickery, but more importantly, we have the right people. To track a water leak that is doing its best not to be found takes someone with the right type of analytical mind, logic and dogged determination when things aren’t going well. And yes, we do have our bad days like anyone else. Despite that, we can still proudly boast we have found 100% of the leaks we have been asked to trace.

Domestic Water Leak Detection Underground Pipes
Still Cant find that water leak

Water Leak Equipment

At Water Loss Solutions we have invested heavily in what we consider to be the best leak detection equipment available on the market. Sewerin equipment made in Germany are our weapons of choice, on any given job we will arrive armed with all the available equipment, once we have assessed the problem we will reach for any or all the available options to help accurately locate the source of your water leak

  • Tracer Gas
  • Acoustic microphones
  • Acoustic correlators
  • Tracer reels
  • Boroscope cameras
  • Infrared cameras
  • Ferret leak locator

We can promise to find your water leak but what we can’t promise is how quickly we can do it. We pride ourselves on being able to accurately locate the source of the leak and in doing so we will save you time and money in unnecessary investigations

If you need help call the experts on 0141 473 4119 or go to our Contact Page and email us

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