How to find water leaks on external supply pipes

How to find water leaks on external supply pipes

Water Leaks on external supply pipes

How do you find a water leak on an external supply pipe? This usually reveals itself with water emerging from the ground or with a spike in your water bill. Check your meter (if you have one) if there is no demand for water in the property and your meter is still spinning, then you probably have a water leak. Sometimes the property owner will not be aware they have a water leak until the Water Board informs them they have a problem.

External Supply pipes can travel under grass, tarmac, mono-block, concrete, and a multitude of other coverings before it goes under the building itself. The distance the pipeline will run can vary considerably, the task for a water leak detection company is to accurately identify the position of the leak to minimise the number of digs, costs and disruption this brings.

Acoustic microphones and correlation are beneficial techniques on supply pipe leak detection. The use of very sensitive microphones clamped onto the pipe allow the engineer to hear the leak. Some smart technology will, in most cases will enable a calculation to be made as to how far away the leak is from the listening point. You can find more detail on this by following this link


The Ferret Leak Detection kit is a very cleverly engineered piece of kit that uses hydraulic principles to find water leaks on external supply pipes. By inserting the device into the pipe it’s possible to pin-point the leak within inches. As with all devices there are some limitations that the skilled operator needs to be aware of, but in the right hands the Ferret is invaluable at finding water leaks and saving money.

See how the Ferret leak locator works

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