Leak Detection through Syphonic Cup Test

Leak Detection through Syphonic Cup Test

Leak Detection

Are you experiencing a loss of pressure on your taps with in your house or in some cases water pushing up through the ground? Are you unsure as to whether you have a burst water mains below ground or not?

There is many sophisticated and technologically advanced methods out there to help us find underground water leaks. However, in some cases leak detection can be done through a much simpler Syphonic Cup Test with the use of no smart kit.


A syphonic cup test is a method used in the past by leak detection specialist to ascertain whether or not they have a burst mains supply pipe leading to a customers property.


You will need two people, a pint size glass and a water toby shut off key to perform this leak detection test.


Once ready the first person will take the pint sized glass putting it over the spout of the kitchen tap and turning the cold tap to the on position allowing the water to fill and overflow out the glass. It’s important to hold the glass full of water with the tap submerged into the bottom of the glass during the whole test.


With the other person standing outside by the toby shut off on the pavement (or in some cases by the water meter) that person then shuts the valve off cutting the water supply off to the property.


In theory once the first two steps have been followed you will be able to evaluate whether or not you have a leak on a underground pipe by monitoring the level of water in the glass. If the water begins to disappear (as if it is being syphoned out) you have clearly got a leak on the underground pipe. If the water remains in the glass you have not got a leak on a underground supply pipe.

The logic dictates that a water leak on your supply pipe will ‘suck out’ the water in the pipe and the glass through syphonic pressure.

At Water Loss Solutions we have years of experience in Hi-Tech leak detection and methods to trace and locate any water leak you may have with great accuracy.

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