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Whether Domestic or Commercial, we have the equipment to help you find and fix your water leaks. From underground water ingress, to pipe location and central heating leaks. Read more below.

Eastern Bush Campus

Pipe Location at Easter Bush Campus

We were asked to carry out a pipe location investigation at Edinburgh University Easter Bush Campus. On-site engineers were unsure if they had a redundant line and where to terminate it, or if it had already been terminated.


Groundwater Ingress at Netherton Grove

On arrival we met with the property owner who advised us that they had lifted the floor in a bedroom and found there to be an 1” of standing water lying within the subfloor space area but is unsure where it is originating from.


Borescope Camera Investigation at Viewforth Terrace

We used a borescope camera to quickly find a leaking water supply pipe enclosed within a pipe box in the kitchen above our clients flat. Not all leak detection needs hi-tech equipment. The borescope camera is one of the most used pieces of equipment

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Underground Leak at The White Horse Inn

Upon arrival, we were met with the hotel manager who asked us to find an underground water leak which he knew was ongoing somewhere within the grounds of the Hotel.


Pollock Halls Underground Leak

We were called in by Edinburgh University to find an underground water leak along a mains water supply pipe at the Pollock Halls Campus. The water meter was turning when there was no demand for water.

Queensferry Road

Under house Leak on Queensferry Road

The property owner called us out to install a channel drain at the bottom of the driveway to divert water to a nearby drain, this was because there was water emanating through the ground.