We completed a thorough investigation of our client’s property using our equipment to try and identify any issues under the floor.

The heating system contains 5 radiators and 1 combi boiler. The floor structure of the property consists of carpet in the bedroom, vinyl in the kitchen and click laminate in the bathroom the rest of property is varnished tongue and groove flooring.

The thermal imaging camera was used first but could not pick up any heat signatures. We then used our acoustics to listen for any leaks on the pipework but we could not hear any significant sound.

The heating system was then drained and tracer gas was used to fill the heating system this highlighted an issue at the bleed valve on the kitchen radiator. This was tightened which fixed the issue.

We then surveyed using both tracer gas and acoustics but did not get any positive indications.

We surveyed the system using our utility tracker where we were able to trace 95% of the mains water supply line through from G block to inside the main building.


Bleed valve leaking on kitchen radiator.

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Hatches were lifted in the hallway and bathroom and flooring in kitchen lifted to gain access to the radiator pipework it was then inspected using the boroscope camera to get further visual access no leaks could be seen. All pipework we could see was insulated.

The heating system was filled to 1.5 bar and all the radiators bled, the heating system on this occasion did not drop but rose in temperature and started dripping out via of the expansion hose to outside.

The flooring was all put back as original before we left.


Expansion pipe leaking.

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Thermal imaging camera, boroscope camera, tracer gas, acoustics.



Full property.



One small leak found coming from bleed valve on kitchen radiator and found boiler overheating and dripping out via the expansion.


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High boiler pressure.