Pipe Location in Edinburgh

We were asked to carry out a pipe location investigation at the Edinburgh University Bush Campus. Upon arrival, we were met by the engineer who advised us they believed they have a redundant line leading to G block and were unsure where to terminate the line or if it had already been terminated.

We surveyed the system using our pipe locating utility tracker where we were able to trace 95% of the mains water supply line through from G block to inside the main building.

Eastern Bush Campus
Eastern Bush Campus

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As part of our investigation, we determined:

Mains Supply Pipe Location

The mains supply pipe ( 2” ) for G block is live and runs directly from the tank room on the rooftop down through the riser cupboard to below floor level within a small service tunnel. We believe there are no branches off this cold water supply line. Due to confined spaces we were not able to visually confirm this but can confirm we had no trace of signals branching off the line.

Separate Cold Water Supply Line

There is a separate cold water supply line (2 ½” ) that runs from the tank room into the same service tunnel and towards the next again building to the plant room.

Live Hot Water Supply and Return Line

The Hot water supply and return line are also live. These lines run from the plant room within the services tunnel which branch towards G Block prior to entering the riser cupboard which services the main building.

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Equipment Used on this project

Utility Tracker and Camera

Area Surveyed on this project

Full building of block G and Adjacent building

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