Groundwater Ingress

On arrival, we met with the property owner who advised us that they had lifted the floor in a bedroom and found there to be 1” of standing water lying within the subfloor space area. The occupants were unsure where it was originating from.

We completed a full survey of the plumbing and waste system within the subfloor space area finding no defects or leaks on any of the fixed pipework.

Netherton Grove
Netherton Grove

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As part of our investigation, we determined:

We investigated the outside perimeter of the house where we discovered there to be a large amount of water pooling outside the front perimeter.

We believed this was caused by rainwater run-off from the driveway, which sloped towards the house. We mixed a coloured tracer dye into the standing groundwater and re-surveyed the subfloor, after a while, we could see the tracer dye permeating through into the groundwater via the brickwork.

At Water Loss Solutions we use only the very best water leak detection equipment, allowing us to be confident we will find and fix your water leak.

Equipment Used on this project

Cameras and Tracer Dye

Area Surveyed on this project

Full Property

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Help with Insurance Companies

Much of our work is carried out on behalf of clients who have insurance cover for ‘Trace & Access’.This cover will usually pay for water leak detection companies to locate your water leak.

Water Loss Solutions are very aware of the limitations and scope of Trace & Access cover and will advise and guide you through the process to try and make sure your claim is covered.

Upon completion we will provide you with a written report including photos and video which can be presented to your insurer to validate your claim.

We have completed thousands of insurance claim leak detection jobs and are happy to offer free telephone advice from the outset to assist with the claim process.