Rodent Damage to Pipework

Rodent Damage to Pipework

Rodent Pipe Damage

Pesky mice and rats chewing through water pipes is a complete nuisance. It causes huge inconvenience to the house owners who may have to go without water and heating, not to mention the costs of finding and fixing the problem.


Plastic pipes seem to be rodent’s favourite food and will happily gnaw and chew away at the pipes until eventually you have a burst and water starts to escape. This usually takes place within the solum or sub-floor and can go undetected for some time, unless of course your heating packs in as a result.


Leak Detection is our expertise, we probably won’t find the the pesky culprits but we guarantee to find your water leak. As a homeowner you will probably wonder where on earth to start, the last thing you want is to start lifting expensive floor coverings on a random seek and find mission. What you need is expert Trace & Access, at Water Loss Solutions we have some of the very best equipment to help us find your water leak with pinpoint accuracy. Using acoustic’s, infrared and tracer gas our hugely experienced technicians will find your leak and expose the pipe with the minimum of fuss and damage. Once we’re finished we will write up and issue a report with photos and video for you to present to your insurance company. If you have Trace & Access cover on your policy then our report will usually be sufficient as evidence to allow your insurer to cover your costs. We are very experienced with insurance claims and are often asked to speak to insurers and loss adjusters to assist and clarify facts where required.

If you need help call the experts at Water Loss Solutions Ltd.

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