Trace and Access cover is a specific section within your insurance policy. If you have this cover then you will usually be covered for the costs associated with leak detection. The cover is typically £5,000 for standard domestic policies and can be far higher for commercial policies. If you need someone to help find a water leak and you have trace and access cover then you are in a good position.

Water Loss Solutions are uniquely placed to assist you with your insurance claim Insurance Claims. One of the business owners, Colin Macdonald and Lorraine in our call handling team were both loss adjusters for many years. They are ideally placed to advise you when it comes to liaising with your insurance company. You really couldn’t be in safer hands, we have carried out many thousands of trace and access leak detection investigations over many years, there isn’t anything we haven’t come across before.

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Help with Insurance Companies

Much of our work is carried out on behalf of clients who have insurance cover for ‘Trace & Access’.This cover will usually pay for water leak detection companies to locate your water leak.

Water Loss Solutions are very aware of the limitations and scope of Trace & Access cover and will advise and guide you through the process to try and make sure your claim is covered.

Upon completion we will provide you with a written report including photos and video which can be presented to your insurer to validate your claim.

We have completed thousands of insurance claim leak detection jobs and are happy to offer free telephone advice from the outset to assist with the claim process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I have trace & access cover on my insurance policy?

You will need to look at your policy documents. There will be a sub-heading specifically stating this if you have the cover in place. Alternatively, call your insurance company or broker and as the specific question ‘do I have trace & access cover?’. The answer is a simple yes or no.

My insurance company says I have trace & access cover but only if there is evidence of water damage

This response from insurers is becoming increasingly common. They are effectively saying you have the cover but only if your property is damaged by water. This puts the risk back to you to find the water leak and prove it has damaged your property. We will help you find the water leak, in our experience there is rarely a water leak in a property that hasn’t caused damage, albeit minor. A photo of wet or damp timbers, flooring, joists, or walls and ceilings is sufficient proof of damage for most policies.

Will you provide a report for my insurance company?

Yes,  we always issue a report upon completion, this will include photos and all the details needed to support your claim.

Will you repair any damage caused in finding the leak?

We will do our utmost to cause as minimal damage as possible. This is not always possible, its a fact that if a pipe is leaking under a solid wooden floor we are going to have to cut into the floor to get to it. We do not undertake to fully make good any damage as part of our trace & access service, we will, however, carry out temporary make safes to leave your property safe wherever possible.

Do I need to pay you in advance of receiving the money from my insurance company

Yes, we will issue an invoice along with our report upon completion. We require payment within 7 days, you should submit your claim and await your insurer issuing payment to you .

My insurance company have their own preferred supplier to do the work, do I have to use them?

No, you are entitled to use any contractor to perform the service. Our costs are in line with the industry average so there is not usually a problem when customers come to us instead of using the insurers prefers supplier

Do you repair the leak?

If we can make a repair and it’s simple and quick with the parts the engineers are carrying in their van then we will do so. This comes complimentary as part of the service, if however, the repair is more complex, time-consuming or requires a re-visit we will quote you separately for this. In most cases we are able to do the repair the same day at no extra cost or at minor cost for parts.

Will you definitely find the problem on your first visit

Not always, although we usually always find the problem with one visit. Customers should note that we don’t guarantee to find the leak on the first visit. Some leaks are very small and tricky to find, particularly on larger properties. For example, we may need to isolate certain branches of the water or heating system as part of the investigation and this can take more than one day to achieve. Our rates are charged per day or half-day, if we have to make a return visit the applicable charge will be made. We will always communicate with you and get your authorisation in advance of any re-visits that attract extra costs to you