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Taking on a Leak Detective franchise offers an exciting opportunity to capitalise on an ever-growing market with plenty of potential customers nationwide.

A bit of background story to where we started and where we are now.

Water Loss Solutions was set up in 2017 as a specialist leak detection company. David Hunt and Colin Macdonald are the owners; they already had a successful business operating in the insurance property restoration field called Paradigm Reinstatements, dealing predominantly with insurance claim property repairs.

David Hunt took a keen interest in leak detection and began to grow his knowledge as far back as 2008 when he first invested in acoustic listening equipment. He often tells the story of an early failed investigation in 2007….

“We (Paradigm) were asked by an insurer to locate a water leak under a lovely period house; this took us weeks to locate and was eventually found in the garden some distance away. We didn’t know any better and didn’t have the knowledge or equipment to help us at that time. It was a bit embarrassing; we had spent over £5,000 trying to find a leak under the house only to find it was outside. I realised there had to be a smarter way of doing this.”

At that time, leak detection or Trace & Access to use the industry term, was growing as a standard feature of insurance policies and the demand for these skills snowballed. As the years progressed and the skills improved, a decision was made to separate the leak detection work as a specialist service, and with that in 2017, Water Loss Solutions was born

The Leak Detective 

Now in 2023 we have taken all that experience and expertise and transformed into the Leak Detective which is focused on becoming the number #1 nationwide specialist in water leak detection backed by the team that have been doing this since before 2017.

We are looking for people with high energy levels and who are
hardworking, focused and committed. You should be ambitious and have the
determination to succeed.

You must have a strong technical mindset – plumbing or related trade
qualifications and experience is a distinct advantage.

If you already have a plumbing and heating or insurance restoration business then bolting on a Leak Detective franchise will generate very significant follow on revenues for repairs and reinstatements

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High growth, high margin sector

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